Jeffrey Covel

585-948-5970 Garage

716-870-2826 Cell

Scott Harkness
Deputy Superintendent

The Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance of town and highway roads. Some of these maintenance activities include:

  • Answering questions and concerns promptly
  • Culvert pipes and roadside drainage
  • Road signs, posts, and guiderails
  • Mowing of roadsides
  • Maintenance of trees and brush in right of ways
  • Road striping
  • Sweeping roads and intersections
  • Patching potholes and sealing cracks
  • Hot and cold patching
  • Plowing and salting
  • Temporary road signage- ex. Road closed, road work, road flooded
  • Maintenance of highway vehicles and equipment
  • Maintenance of buildings and grounds for highway garage, town hall, and the old transfer station
  • Maintenance and mowing of the five cemeteries in town

If you see a streetlight out near your home, find the number of the pole and contact the highway superintendent by phone or email. If you cannot determine the pole number, please identify what road it is on and the nearest crossroad. Thank you.