Town of Alabama
Resolution to Enter into a Lease of Real Property subject to Permissive Referendum

Whereas, The Town Board of the Town of Alabama has determined after a Public Hearing on August 14, 2023 that it is in the best interest of the Town to enter into a lease of approximately 2 acres of real property located at 7348 Maple Road in the Town of Alabama to Northern Clearing, Inc., and

Whereas, the term of the lease is one (1) year with the option for renewals upon mutual agreement of the parties at the annual rent of $18,000.00 in the first year; and

Now Therefore be it Resolved, That the Town Board of the Town of Alabama agree to enter into a one year lease with Northern Clearing Inc, at a rate of $18,000.00 per year of 2 acres of property located at 7348 Maple Road in the Town of Alabama and said Board authorizes the Town Supervisor to execute any and all documents necessary to that end.

This Resolution is subject to permissive referendum of the qualified voters of the Town of Alabama. The resolution shall take effect 30 days from the publication hereof unless a petition requiring a referendum is filed within said 30 day period, pursuant to section 6(g)(7) of the General Municipal Law.

Councilperson Fisher offered the resolution which was seconded by Councilperson LaGrou and adopted by roll call vote:
C. Fisher – yes C. LaGrou – yes C. Klotzbach – yes C. Veazey – yes Supv. Crossen – yes


This notice will be published in the August 19, 2024 Batavia Daily News.

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